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Insect and mosquito zappers are the result of extensive research and development, incorporating advanced features to effectively control flying pests. The convenience and safety of the method has made it a popular choice for countless individuals and households. With Insect Zappers you can say goodbye to the incessant buzzing, painful bites and sleepless nights caused by these annoying creatures.

Premium zappers use the latest UV light technology to attract insects and mosquitoes with an irresistible glow. These devices cover a wide area, attracting and eliminating a variety of flying pests within their range, providing a safe environment for you and your loved ones. The absence of chemicals or toxic coils adds to their appeal. Durability and weather resistance are important considerations when choosing an insect zapper. Superior zappers feature robust and weather resistant construction to ensure they can withstand different environmental conditions and provide long lasting functionality.

The Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper is an innovative solar powered solution for insect and mosquito control that incorporates all the necessary features of an effective zapper. Its user-friendly design makes operation and maintenance effortless, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings without the hassle of complicated set-up or constant monitoring. Whether you are having a backyard barbecue, enjoying a quiet evening on your patio or embarking on a camping adventure, the Kane Lono Bug Zapper is the ultimate defence against flying pests.


What is the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper?

The Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper is a groundbreaking solution for insect and mosquito control. It combines solar-powered lighting with efficient zapping capabilities, according to Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper reviews. Using LED lights, this device attracts bugs and quickly destroys them with its 700V instant solar bug zapper technology. The bug zapper lights are waterproof, battery powered and offer strobe, flicker and purple lighting options. It serves a dual purpose by harnessing solar energy to illuminate outdoor spaces while effectively eliminating flying pests.

The Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper is a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional insect zappers. Its built-in solar panel allows it to recharge its internal battery with sunlight during the day, ensuring continuous operation without relying on external power sources. As night falls, the solar-powered LED light emits a soft glow, creating a warm and inviting ambience for outdoor gatherings. Portable and effective, it is easy to install and enhances the aesthetics of your home and garden.

Numerous customers have testified to the effectiveness of the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper in removing insects from their homes and work environments. The Kane Lono Tiki Light with Zapper uses LED technology to attract insects, while its powerful 360-degree 700V trapping mechanism effectively eliminates mosquitoes. It is safe for children and pets. The device has received positive reviews on Trustpilot, with many customers considering it an essential piece of camping or outdoor equipment for summer adventures. With its compact and portable design, the Kane + Lono Tiki Light with Zapper can be taken anywhere for effective mosquito control.

According to reviews, over 98% of customers prefer the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper over similar bug zappers due to its dual functionality as a light source and bug zapper. The extendable pole included with the Kane + Lono Tiki Light with Zapper offers installation flexibility, allowing you to adjust the position of the zapper to suit your needs and surroundings. With its weatherproof construction, this bug zapper will last in the harshest conditions, making it a reliable companion for outdoor activities.

In addition to providing a bug-free and well-lit outdoor environment, the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper promotes sustainability and energy efficiency. By harnessing the power of the sun, it reduces the carbon footprint while providing a cost effective and low maintenance solution. The Zapper is easy to set up without assistance and is the perfect summer accessory for backyard gatherings with friends and family.

According to customer reviews of the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper, its lightweight and compact design makes it portable for use in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, camping and travelling. Its small size also allows for convenient storage when not in use. With its 2-in-1 design as both a bug zapper and a solar-powered lantern/flashlight, the Kane Lono Bug Zapper is a must-have outdoor accessory. It is constructed from high quality components to ensure exceptional durability and functionality.

To take advantage of the ongoing special introductory discount, interested buyers are encouraged to visit the official Kane Lono Tiki Light With Zapper website and place their orders promptly. The device has gained significant popularity and stock availability is limited. Quick action is essential to avoid missing out on this opportunity. Don't hesitate, it may sell out soon.

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How does the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper work?

The Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper combines three technologies in one device to effectively eliminate bugs and provide illumination. The device works as follows:

  1. Installation: The Kane + Lono is easily installed in the ground in seconds thanks to its extendable stakes that ensure secure placement. Its assembly, installation and removal processes are simple and hassle-free.
  2. Solar panels: The unit has solar panels that charge throughout the day by converting sunlight into electricity. This solar energy is stored to power the light during the night. When fully charged, the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper can operate for approximately 18 hours.
  3. LED lighting: The warm LED light emitted by the Kane + Lono provides a soft glow, creating a welcoming and safe atmosphere in your garden. Unlike harsh white LED lights, the Kane Lono's warm glow enhances the aesthetics of outdoor spaces. It can be used to illuminate pathways, gardens, campsites or the area around RVs.
  4. Electric coil technology: Bugs are naturally attracted to certain colours of light, including the purple LEDs in the Kane Lono. As bugs fly towards the light, they encounter the device's 700V electric coils, which instantly zap and kill them. This technology efficiently eliminates bugs that come within the zapper's range.

Depending on personal preference, users can choose to install a single Kane Lono in a central location or place multiple units throughout their garden or along pathways. Whether dealing with mosquitoes or looking for a convenient lighting solution, the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper aims to provide an effective and aesthetically pleasing way to enhance your backyard environment.

Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper Key Features

According to numerous reviews on Trustpilot, the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper has been praised for improving bug-free living and is highly recommended for gardens, homes and camping trips. Here are some of the key features highlighted by Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper reviews:

Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper Features

Attractive purple LED: The Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper has an attractive purple LED. Mosquitoes, flies and other flying pests are strongly attracted to this colour. The purple LED effectively attracts them to the zapper where they are then eliminated by the 700V power grid.

700V Powerful Zapper: The Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper has a powerful 700V electrical grid. When insects come in contact with the grid, they receive an instant high voltage zap, effectively eliminating them and ensuring efficient pest control.

Automatic ON/OFF lighting: This feature allows the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper to automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. It uses a light sensor that detects changes in ambient light, ensuring convenient operation without the need for manual intervention.

All-season weatherproof: With an IPX6 waterproof rating, the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper is designed for outdoor use. It can withstand various weather conditions including rain, intense heat, wind and extreme weather. Its durability and practicality make it suitable for wet conditions and it requires no additional protection or maintenance.

Warm LED Light: The unit is equipped with a warm LED light that emits a soft glow at night. This soft and inviting lighting creates a cosy atmosphere in outdoor spaces, making it perfect for various occasions such as gatherings or relaxation.

Discreet cleaning brush: A hidden cleaning brush is built into the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper for convenient device maintenance. This brush helps remove debris and dead insects from the electrical grid, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Broad bug protection: The Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper provides comprehensive protection within a radius of up to 400 square metres, making it suitable for use in different rooms or garden areas.

Powerful 360 Coverage and Zapping: The unit provides 360 degree coverage, ensuring that no mosquito is left behind. Its electric coil is highly efficient, eliminating insects quickly and effectively. It creates a mosquito-free zone of 16×16 feet, making it suitable for various spaces.

Multiple light modes: The Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper offers multiple light modes to suit individual preferences. Users can select steady light, flashing light or a combination of both, allowing them to customise the ambience to suit different moods or events.

Extendable stakes: The unit is fitted with extendable stakes for flexible installation. The stakes can be adjusted to different heights, allowing the zapper to be positioned according to specific needs and surroundings.

Easy to clean: The Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper uses UV light to attract and kill insects. Dead insects accumulate in the removable collection tray, minimising potential health hazards and the attraction of bacteria or micro-organisms. The tray can be easily emptied and cleaned for convenient maintenance, extending lamp life and preventing odours.

Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper Benefits

The Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper has received positive reviews, highlighting the following benefits

  • Kill bugs all night long: The Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper works all night thanks to its solar powered functionality and automatic on/off lighting feature. It continuously attracts and eliminates flying pests, providing an insect free outdoor environment.
  • Effective pest control: The Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper's advanced insect zapping mechanism effectively eliminates flying insects. The built-in electrical grid delivers a high-voltage zap on contact, ensuring effective pest control.
  • Outdoor elegance: The attractive design of the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper adds elegance to any outdoor space. Whether placed individually or in a cluster, the bright solar lights provide a deluxe display of ambient lighting.
  • Dual Functionality: The device serves a dual purpose as both a solar powered LED light and an insect zapper. It provides gentle illumination at night, creating a welcoming atmosphere for outdoor spaces. At the same time, the UV light technology attracts and eliminates flying pests, ensuring a bug-free environment.
  • Three garden solar light modes: The Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper offers three lighting modes to suit different preferences. These include a flickering light effect resembling a real tiki torch flame, a steady warm light for a soothing ambience and a purple LED mosquito zapper light to attract and eliminate insects.
  • Luxury backyard solar lighting: The Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper offers a practical and cost-effective alternative to expensive custom lighting to enhance your garden. It can be used to illuminate dark walkways and other areas, improving safety and aesthetics.
  • No toxic odours or chemicals: Unlike traditional insect control methods that use chemicals or toxins, the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper works without any harmful substances. It provides a clean and odourless solution, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for you, your family and your guests.
  • Energy efficiency and cost effectiveness: Using solar energy, the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper is an energy efficient option. The built-in solar panel uses sunlight to charge the internal battery, eliminating the need for external power sources and reducing electricity costs.
  • Enhance appearance and value: In addition to its pest control benefits, the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper enhances the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. The warm LED light adds a decorative touch that enhances the overall look and value of the environment.
  • Easy installation and versatile placement: The unit is designed for easy installation using the extendable stakes supplied. Its versatile placement options allow you to adapt the zapper to different outdoor areas, ensuring optimal coverage and effective mosquito and bug control.

Is the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper Scam or Legit?

The Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper is indeed a legitimate product. Based on genuine customer reviews and our research, it is a reliable device that delivers excellent performance. This bug zapper, developed by the Kane + Lono company, has received positive feedback from users who have praised its effectiveness. The device works without the use of chemicals and noise, making it safe for anyone to use if the correct instructions are followed.

Who can benefit from the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper?

A wide range of people and environments can benefit from the Kane Lono Solar Insect Zapper, including

Businesses with outdoor areas: Restaurants, cafes, resorts or any business with outdoor seating areas can benefit from the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper. It creates a pleasant and pest-free atmosphere for customers, enhancing their dining or leisure experience.

Outdoor enthusiasts: People who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, picnics or barbecues can benefit from the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper. It creates a bug-free environment, ensuring a more enjoyable and comfortable outdoor experience.

Families with children: Families with children can benefit from the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper by keeping outdoor play areas free of mosquitoes and other flying pests. This reduces the risk of insect bites and mosquito-borne diseases, providing a safer environment for children to play in.

Homeowners: Those who enjoy spending time in their outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios or verandas can benefit from the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper. It effectively controls pests, allowing them to enjoy their outdoor spaces without the annoyance of flying insects.

Eco-conscious individuals: Those who prioritise eco-friendly and chemical-free solutions can benefit from the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper. It works without harmful chemicals or toxins, providing a clean and environmentally friendly approach to pest control.

These are just a few examples of the people and environments that can benefit from the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper. Its versatility and effectiveness make it a valuable solution for anyone seeking efficient and environmentally friendly insect control.

Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper Pros & Cons


  • Powerful zapper: With a voltage of 700V, the zapper kills insects instantly on contact.
  • Attractive purple LEDs: The purple LEDs attract insects, effectively luring them towards the zapper.
  • Multiple light modes: The unit offers different light modes to suit different preferences and occasions.
  • Weatherproof: The device is splashproof, making it suitable for all seasons.
  • Long battery life: When fully charged, the zapper can operate for up to 18 hours, providing extended bug protection.
  • Automatic Light Sensor: The built-in photocell detects darkness and automatically turns on the light.
  • Warm LED garden lighting: The Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper provides warm LED lighting, creating a cosy atmosphere in your outdoor space.
  • Extendable Stake: The unit comes with an extendable stake for easy installation and positioning.
  • Safe around children and pets: The Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper is safe to use in homes with children and pets.
  • Luxurious lighting and powerful bug protection: The Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper combines stylish lighting with effective bug control.
  • Hidden cleaning brush: The built-in cleaning brush makes it easy to maintain the unit's electrical grid, ensuring optimal performance.


  • Availability: The Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper is currently only available from the official website.

Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper: Pricing and refund policy

The current 2023 promotion offers Kane Lono at a discounted price. Buying direct from the manufacturer offers significant savings over the regular retail price. The pricing structure for online orders of Kane + Lono is as follows

1 x Kane + Lono Solar Light and Insect Zapper: $49.99
2 x Kane + Lono Solar Light and Insect Zapper: $99.99
3 x Kane + Lono Solar Light and Insect Zapper: $111.99
4 x Kane + Lono Solar Light and Insect Zapper: $149.99

Refunds for Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper are subject to specific policies:

Refunds are not available on used or opened Kane Lono products. If the product has been used and you are not satisfied with its performance, refunds are not available for that specific product.

Refunds are available for unopened and unused Kane + Lono products. If you have not opened or used your Kane + Lono, or if you have purchased multiple units and only used one, you may request a full refund by contacting the manufacturer within 60 days of your purchase. For more information, please contact customer service using the form provided on the official website.

Solar Bug Zappers in Garden

Official website for the purchase of the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper

The official website is the only platform for purchasing the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper. This ensures that customers receive the highest quality Kane + Lono Solar Light Insect Zapper. Ordering through the official website offers the convenience of home delivery and provides a fast and reliable online shopping experience.

Ordering from the official website gives customers several benefits. These include a 30 day money back guarantee and a 50% discount offer. In addition, the friendly Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper customer service team is always available to deal with any concerns or complaints.

For ease of access, a direct link to the official website has been provided. Clicking on the attached link will take you to the shopping website where you can explore their impressive offers and shop with confidence.

Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers

What are the different lighting modes?

By pressing the power button you can cycle through the following options: flickering light & zapper on, steady light & zapper on, purple light & zapper on and off.

What are the dimensions of the Kane + Lono Solar Light Insect Zapper?

When fully assembled it measures approximately 83.66 x 15 x 15 cm (32.93 x 5.90 x 5.90 inches).

What are the benefits of using LEDs outdoors?

LEDs offer several advantages when used outdoors. They are highly durable in all weather conditions, energy efficient and last approximately 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

Is the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper safe for children and pets?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. This device is free from chemicals or toxins and the grid is protected and inaccessible to children and pets.

Where can the Kane Lono Solar Light Insect Zapper be used?

They can be used in a variety of locations. The included stake allows for easy placement in the ground or in a planter. They are easy to set up and take down, making them suitable for camping, picnics or travelling in an RV.

Final thoughts on the Kane + Lono Bug Zapper

As summer approaches, the presence of mosquitoes becomes an unwelcome nuisance. Fortunately, there is now a simple way to enjoy the season without the annoyance of itchy red welts or the unpleasant odour of anti-mosquito sprays. Based on the reviews gathered so far, it is clear that the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper offers an effective and safe alternative for protecting your family from mosquitoes.

The Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper is designed to efficiently eliminate insects from your home or work environment. It uses LED lights to attract mosquitoes and other pests, while its powerful 360-degree suction fan effectively traps them. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the product, highlighting its ability to kill mosquitoes and its safety for children and pets. The unit is ultra-quiet, compact and lightweight, making it suitable for a variety of environments including camping, outdoor gatherings and indoors.

In addition to its bug zapping capabilities, the Kane + Lono Solar Bug Zapper also provides outdoor lighting, making it a valuable and versatile pest control solution. Its impressive zapping grid, UV light attraction and attractive design make it an excellent choice for those seeking a bug-free and aesthetically pleasing environment.

To ensure the authenticity of your purchase, it is highly recommended that you purchase the Kane Lono Solar Bug Zapper from the official website. Currently, the official website is offering a special limited time discount on the Kane Lono Solar Light Insect Zapper.

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