Best NMN Supplement 2024 – GenuinePurity, Wonderfell, Omre Reviews, Price, Where to buy NMN?

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In an aging society, numerous advertisements tout products that claim to halt the aging process, leaving consumers searching for solutions to maintain their appearance and well-being. However, not all anti-aging supplements offer the same benefits.

The market offers various products that target both internal and external aging. Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is one anti-aging supplement that is gaining attention. This article reviews some of the best NMN options available.

   Best Product
 Wow!Health Ageless image tablePartiQlar TabelleGenuinePurity Liposomal NMN Supplement Image
EffectsMore vitality
✓ More focus
Boost metabolic
More power
Better health
More strenght
Better health
More vitality
Side EffectsNO side effectsNO side effectsNO side effects
Content60 capsules60 capsules60 capsules
Dosage2 times daily1 times daily1 times daily
Enough for30 days60 days60 days
Price69,99 Dollar64,99 Dollar69,95 Dollar
 Buy now whiteBuy now whiteBuy now grey

After introducing you to the topic and highlighting our three top picks for NMN supplements, we have further compiled a list of the best NMN supplements for 2023 and conducted extensive research on all the relevant information. By reading our article, you'll have access to everything you need to know about NMN.


Best Product: GenuinePurity Liposomal NMN

​Test winner #1
GenuinePurity NMN Image
GenuinePurity Liposomal NMN
  • High quality ingredients
  • More vitality & energy
  • Highest bioavailability

GenuinePurity Liposomal NMN+ is a renowned manufacturer of premium NMN capsules that are gluten-free, GMO-free, additive-free, preservative-free, soy-free and dairy-free. Manufactured under strict GMP and U.S. standards, these capsules undergo third-party laboratory testing at every stage of production and are FDA-regulated for safety and efficacy.

A key benefit of Liposomal NMN+ capsules is their antioxidant content, which promotes healthy NAD+ levels and slows aging. In addition to quality products, Liposomal NMN+ offers rewards and loyalty programs for customers to earn redeemable points through referrals or subscription length.

In terms of pricing, GenuinePurity Liposomal NMN offers competitive pricing with products ranging from $58.95 to $69.95. A 500mg bottle costs $1 per count, while a 300mg bottle costs $2 per count. As a result, this product is our clear test winner!

Product features:

Manufacturer: GenuinePurity Liposomal NMN
Pros: Tested by independent laboratories, money-back guarantee, highly effective, top ingredients
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Second Place: PartiQlar

​Second #2

PartiQlar NMN image

PartiQlar NMN

  • More energy, power and health
  • Improves endurance and strength
  • Good value for money

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Partiqlar's Pure NMN, where endless possibilities await. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey filled with extraordinary experiences and profound health benefits. PartiQlar NMN is no ordinary product; it is a catalyst for positive change and the epitome of excellence.

Step into a new era of vitality and wellness as PartiQlar's Pure NMN exceeds all expectations. This exceptional product is meticulously crafted to increase your energy levels, promote rejuvenation and optimize your overall health. With its unparalleled formulation, PartiQlar NMN is at the forefront of health supplements, offering a unique blend of efficacy and innovation.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of PartiQlar's Pure NMN and experience a newfound vitality that permeates every aspect of your life. Embrace the invigorating sensation as your energy soars and your mental clarity sharpens. Say goodbye to exhaustion and embrace a life filled with renewed vitality, productivity, and enthusiasm. PartiQlar Pure NMN is not just a product; it is a gateway to a revitalized version of yourself.

Product features:

Manufacturer: PartiQlar
Pros: Delays aging, boosts energy levels, improves endurance & strenght
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Third Place: Wow!Health Ageless


Wow!Health Ageless Image

Wow!Health Ageless

  • More power & energy
  • Improved neural function in the brain
  • Money-back guarantee

Wow!Health NMN supplements domestically in the United States in facilities that meet GMP and HACCP standards. These premium nicotinamide mononucleotide capsules are plant-based and 100 % pure.

The use of innovative technology enhances the bioavailability of the supplement, ensuring that the intended amount of NMN effectively penetrates cells and tissues. In addition to 100 % pure NMN, each Wow!Health capsule contains valuable trace substances and minerals

For optimal results, Wow!Health recommends taking two capsules daily – once in the morning on an empty stomach and again in the afternoon. While the manufacturer offers free shipping within the United States, they do not currently offer a monthly subscription model. However, significant discounts are available for both regular customers and first-time buyers.

Product features:

Manufacturer: Wow!Health
Pros: Money-back guarantee, plant-based, highly effective & vegan
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fourth Place: Wonderfeel Youngr

Peak Performance NMN Image
Wonderfeel Youngr NMN
  • More power & energy
  • Better performance
  • Money-back guarantee

Youngr NMN, a supplement offered by Wonderfeel, aims to support healthy aging with antioxidants, sirtuin activators, and 900mg of NMN. Users report benefits such as improved energy, memory, skin elasticity, and sleep. The supplement is recommended to be taken in the morning with high-fat, healthy foods to increase the bioavailability of resveratrol and slow down aging.

Wonderfeel is currently offering an introductory price for both subscriptions and one-time purchases, allowing customers to save $15 and lock in the price. The Wonderfeel website provides access to customer reviews for more information on the product.

It is important to remember that while NMN supplements offer benefits, they are not a substitute for medical treatment. Regular check-ups with a healthcare provider are still recommended for optimal health.

Product features:

Manufacturer: Wonderfeel
Pros: The product features a patented formula created by a Harvard MD and provides a potent 900mg dose of NMN per serving, customers have left exceptional reviews citing its many benefits such as improved energy, memory, and skin elasticity
Cons: Limited range of size options available

Fifth Place: OMRE NMN

​Third #5
OMRE NMN image
  • More energy, power and agility
  • Good value for money
  • Third-party tested

Omre NMN undergoes comprehensive purity and safety testing at every stage of production, conducted by independent laboratories. The supplement is priced at $4.05 per gram. Furthermore, a 60-count bottle containing 300mg capsules is available for $44.80, currently discounted to $42.57 on Amazon.

Omre provides several discounts and benefits; however, purchasing in bulk may not always result in savings. Orders over $75 qualify for free shipping, while orders under $75 incur a shipping fee of $4.99 for first-class shipping or $12 for FedEx shipping, ensuring delivery within two days.

Omre places great emphasis on product quality and safety, supported by extensive testing. The company also offers multiple pricing and shipping options to cater to different customer preferences and needs.

Product Features:

Manufacturer: Omre
Pros: The supplement boasts high absorbability and is free from chemical solvents or artificial additives. Additionally, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Cons: Unfortunately, this product cannot be purchased online, and information regarding third-party testing and results is currently unavailable.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Sixth Place: Quicksilver NAD+

Place 6#
Quicksilver NAD+ Platinum image
Quicksilver NAD+ Platinum
  • More power & energy
  • Very positive customer reviews
  • Tested by third-party laboratories

QuickSilver NMN is regularly tested by third-party laboratories for purity and stability. The supplement uses a unique formulation with platinum and special liposomal technology that mimics NMN transport in the body. This delivers essential components to precise locations where they can be efficiently utilized, with a liquid consistency for high absorption and effectiveness.

Ideal for those seeking quick results, the supplement also contains vitamin B12 to maintain blood and nerve cells, and riboflavin to reduce inflammation, slow aging, and provide antioxidant benefits.

Product features:

Manufacturer: Quicksilver
Pros: The product is GMO free and vegan friendly. It is third-party tested and uses liposome technology. Customers have left excellent reviews for this product.
Cons: The products require immediate refrigeration after purchase and have a no-return policy for unsatisfactory or damaged items. Some customers find them expensive.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Seventh Place: Double Wood

Place 7#
Double Wood image
Double Wood
  • Fast & positive effects
  • Medically tested
  • Natural ingredients

This product is made in the USA with high quality ingredients and has undergone extensive third party laboratory testing to ensure its purity and potency. The recommended daily dosage of NMN typically ranges from 250 mg to 1500 mg, but this brand's products only use 250 mg to 500 mg.

To achieve a 250 mg dose, users can take a 125 mg capsule in the morning and another in the afternoon, or take a 125 mg capsule in the morning and additional capsules within one to three hours to achieve a higher dosage. For new customers, a 60-count bottle of 125 mg is priced at $48.95, while returning and new subscribers can purchase it for $43.08.

Product features:

Manufacturer: Double Wood
Pros: GMO- and gluten-free, tested by third-party laboratories, regulated by the FDA
Cons: Not widely available, not affordable
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

What is NMN?

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is a supplement that is believed to increase the levels of Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) in the human body, potentially supporting anti-aging benefits both internally and externally.

NAD plays a critical role in the body by regulating energy metabolism, repairing DNA damage, and responding to stress.

While human studies are ongoing, NMN is believed to have a significant impact on aging, including not only physical appearance, but also internal aspects such as vascular health, blood flow, muscle health, and overall disease risk.

How to Choose the Best NMN Supplements?

When choosing a nicotinamide mononucleotide supplement, look for a reputable product in the industry that contains enough NMN for the desired health benefits and has specific characteristics.

Key factors to consider include:

  1. Third-party testing – Choose a product that has been tested by an unbiased third party that adheres to good manufacturing practices, ensuring pharmaceutical-grade NMN that is free of heavy metals.
  2. Company commitment to supplement purity.
  3. Excellent Customer Service – Prioritize customer satisfaction and affordability, easily researched through customer reviews that provide insight into real user experiences.
  4. Affordability – Choose a product within your budget, as supplements are effective when taken correctly and consistently, requiring ongoing purchases.

By following these recommendations, you can confidently choose a quality NMN supplement that meets your needs.

How NMN & NAD+ Work (Simple Explanation)

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) helps produce the essential energy molecule NAD. Without it, life would cease within 30 seconds. It is essential for every cell and over 500 enzymes in the body. NAD's vital functions include

  • Activating anti-aging proteins, sirtuins, to slow aging
  • Boosting energy through the Krebs cycle
  • Repairing damaged DNA via PARP1
  • Hormone synthesis
  • Promoting muscle growth
  • Enhance recovery
  • Sirtuins, which support the body's natural defenses, are exciting leading scientists, but their effectiveness depends on adequate levels of NAD.

Aging gradually depletes NAD, with a 50-year-old having about half the levels of a 20-year-old. Low NAD levels can accelerate aging and reduce health span, making NMN critical.

NMN, a synthetically produced nucleotide and direct precursor of NAD, is essential for proper cellular function. For more information, listen to David Sinclair on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

NMN Delivery Technologies: A Buyer's Guide

The most potent NMN will have little impact if it isn't absorbed effectively.
It's essential to understand the NMN delivery method as it can influence the effects, potency, side effect profile, and cost of the product.

 Pure NMNSublingual NMNIntranasal NMNLiposomal NMN
DurationShortMediumShortUp to 24 hours
Dose RequiredHighMediumLowLow
FeatureConvenienceNoticeable energy boostNeuroprotective, clears brain fogExtended release, highest bioavailability
PriceLeast expensiveModerateModerateMost expensive

Caption: NMN Comparison Table – Oral, Sublingual, Liposomal, and Intranasal

Normal NMN Powder

Conventional NMN powders are the most affordable and researched option, with the majority of products falling into this category. Unfortunately, they also have the lowest absorption rate.

Stomach acid breaks down unprotected NMN and NR into nicotinamide (NAM) before it can reach vital tissues. High doses of NAD boosters to counteract low absorption cause an excessive increase in NAM, which can be detrimental to health by inhibiting sirtuins – essential proteins responsible for cell health and longevity.

Sublingual NMN

Sublingual NMN involves dissolving the compound under the tongue. Some companies utilize special technologies to bypass the liver, allowing rapid diffusion into the bloodstream and resulting in improved absorption. Generally, it costs more than standard powders. Sublingual NMN users often report experiencing an immediate surge of energy.

However, limited research exists on the exact increase in bioavailability compared to oral consumption. If you're uncertain about the efficacy of your supplements, sublingual NMN's noticeable effects may provide reassurance.

Intranasal NMN

Intranasal administration is an emerging NMN delivery method. It is unique in its ability to bypass the blood-brain barrier and increase NAD levels in the brain.

Compared to oral administration, intranasal delivery requires significantly lower doses, has fewer side effects, and shows a more potent effect on the brain. Preliminary research also shows promise in restoring energy after traumatic brain injury.

Intranasal NMN is more expensive due to limited supply.

Liposomal NMN

Liposomal supplements offer faster, more efficient absorption without degradation in the gut compared to traditional oral forms. This is true for many supplements, with liposomes providing sustained release NMN that increases NAD levels over a 24-hour period.

Essentially, liposomes are small fatty “shells” similar to human cell membranes that prevent degradation by stomach acid, allowing for greater utilization throughout the body. In use since the 1960s, some formulators consider liposomal technology a significant breakthrough.

However, researchers remain divided on the impact of liposomal technology for NMN. The work of Christopher Shade, Ph.D., suggests that liposomes generally increase the absorption of dietary supplements by a factor of 3-10, providing better value by requiring smaller doses. Despite this, liposomal NMN remains the most expensive option due to the complex manufacturing process.

NMN Dosage

Each NMN product label will provide the user with the recommended dosage for the supplement and there is no universal set dose for NMN supplements. It is recommended to take a dose of NMN in smaller amounts several times a day rather than a single high dose for optimal results.

Nicotinamide mononucleotide comes in several forms: NMN powder, capsules, sublingual powder, and intranasal NMN. Intranasal NMN is a nasal spray. Some believe that intranasal NMN and sublingual powder are the most effective forms. The dose of NMN that works for you may not work for someone else. We recommend starting with a low dose of NMN and gradually increasing it to achieve the desired health benefits.

However, be sure to follow the directions on the supplement label, as each supplement comes in different dosages.

In addition, we highly recommend that you consult with your health care professional before starting any new supplements, especially if you are currently taking any medications or other supplements.

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) Benefits

Supplementation with NAD+ works in specific body systems, but NMN boosts cellular NAD systemically, restoring energy to aging tissues that need it most.

NMN is a popular compound in longevity research and of great interest to doctors and health professionals. It is often discussed by

  • David Sinclair
  • Dr. Axe
  • Dr. Berg
  • Dr. Hyman
  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick
  • Dr. Peter Attia

Benefits come from both the molecule itself and from increasing NAD+ levels, with scientists discovering new health effects daily.

Some of NMN's health benefits include:

  1. Increases energy metabolism
  2. Improves insulin sensitivity
  3. Protects against diabetes, fatty liver disease, and obesity
  4. Rejuvenates mice
  5. Enhances cognition in Alzheimer's patients
  6. Defends against neurodegeneration
  7. Improves memory
  8. Reduces fat mass
  9. Increases lean mass
  10. Radically increases NAD+
  11. Improve immune function
  12. Resistance to microbes and immunodeficiency
  13. Better blood flow
  14. Confers benefits of calorie restriction
  15. Protects the heart
  16. Enhancing human performance
  17. Re-establishing mobility in the elderly
  18. Potentially useful in treating COVID
  19. Restores fertility
  20. Improves mitochondrial health
  21. Greater wellbeing
  22. Reduces biological age
  23. Promotes DNA repair

Taking nicotinamide mononucleotide helps protect your body and brain. Emerging research finds that NMN optimizes NAD and helps restore organ systems to a healthy state.

How to Increase NAD Naturally

You can increase NAD levels by two primary methods:

1. Supplementation: specially formulated boosters
2. Optimizing: the current process (upregulating the salvage pathway)

You'll get better, longer-lasting results with the latter.

Natural ways to boost your NAD levels without NMN include

  • Raw honey
  • Fermented foods
  • Sauna sessions
  • Pau D'Arco tea
  • Fasting

In addition, you can increase your intake of certain foods that contain trace amounts of NMN:

  • Broccoli
  • cucumber
  • Kale
  • Avocado
  • Tomatoes
  • Edamame

By incorporating these practices and foods into your daily routine, you can help boost your NAD levels naturally without relying solely on NMN supplementation.

Common NMN Questions and Answers

NMN vs. NR: Which is better?

NMN is more stable than NR, and this stability provides additional health benefits. To use NR, your body must first convert it to NMN. If the conversion enzyme NRK doesn't work well, NR will not increase NAD levels. Many longevity researchers prefer NMN to NR.

How do I know if an NMN supplement is working?

If you want proof that your NMN is high quality and working, I suggest either doing an intracellular NAD test or measuring your “biological age”. Do this before supplementation and again after six months. For more information and science on how this works, check out my InsideTracker review.

Is NMN safe?

NMN has been shown to be safe in animals. Human studies to date show impressive safety. Follow-up studies have shown similar results. NMN has been shown to be safe and non-toxic, even at high concentrations. Be sure to purchase high quality, contaminant-free products from reputable sources.

What is the best dose of NMN?

Research suggests that the ideal dose of nicotinamide mononucleotide is between 100 mg and 500 mg daily, depending on the form. Some experts advocate higher doses of around 1,000 mg per day. Although minimal, side effects increase with higher doses.

Are there any side effects of NMN?

Studies have not reported any clear side effects from supplementing with NMN within the recommended dosages. However, nicotinamide riboside may impair athletic performance. Athletes should consider NMN over NR.

Should I take trimethylglycine (TMG) with NMN?

I recommend taking an amino acid called betaine (or TMG) with NMN to support the body's natural methylation process. TMG is believed to reduce potential side effects, especially when using oral NMN powder over the long term. TMG may be less necessary for liposomal and sublingual NMN.

Will MIB-626 replace NMN?

MIB-626 is a novel and stable NAD booster manufactured by David Sinclair's MetroBiotech. MIB-626 is being studied for maintaining muscle mass, improving cognitive performance, and slowing aging. Since it's “new,” it will be patented and make Metro huge profits. There's virtually no research on MIB626 compared to thousands of studies on NMN.

Why take NMN instead of NAD?

Counterintuitively, direct supplementation with regular NAD powder isn't effective. The molecules are too large and are quickly broken down. Liposomal and intranasal NAD supplementation technology overcomes this barrier and works well.

Top NMN Products to Boost Your NAD Levels

Without enough NAD, we'd die within seconds. You're reading this, so that's not the problem. Partially depleted of this cellular “fuel,” many of us unknowingly spend our days performing below our potential.

That's why many of the world's top anti-aging and longevity researchers take nicotinamide mononucleotide daily. NMN is arguably the best NAD-boosting supplement available. Users often report profound changes in energy and overall health.

I always recommend starting with the inexpensive NAD+-boosting precursors. However, certain genes and lifestyle choices can dramatically increase your need for supplementation:

Alternatively, you can do an intracellular NAD test to get a real-time snapshot of your status. Then retest 3-6 months after supplementation. This is one way to make sure you're getting the real, unadulterated molecule.

Knowing your underlying biological needs can help you decide whether spending hundreds of dollars on NMN is worth it.

Counterfeit and adulterated products have flooded the NAD supplement scene. Many contain no NMN at all. Aside from wasting your money, using a contaminated NMN product can do more harm than good. Choose a quality product from a reputable brand to slow aging, boost energy, and feel your best.

Questions or comments about any of this? Let me know your experience with NAD boosters in the comments below!

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