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According to a clinical review authored by Canadian researchers, the average man’s sperm count has declined by about 50% in the last 40 years, and typical sperm quality has also deteriorated. The reasons for this aren’t entirely clear. However, it’s safe to say more men may be experiencing fertility issues today than ever before. With that in mind, we’re here to review Fertility Factor 5, one of the best male fertility supplements around.

The best male fertility supplements are all-natural dietary aids that require no prescription but use plant extracts, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other natural compounds to support optimal fertility outcomes.

If you’re like so many men, who struggle with fertility issues every day, the best male fertility supplements could help you to improve your likelihood of conceiving. And as an added bonus, these products could also help you to have more pleasurable sex with strengthened orgasmic force and enhanced semen volume.

So, if you’re interested in using an all-natural dietary supplement to help you support your fertility, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll provide you with an in-depth look at Fertility Factor 5, a product that should probably sit near or at the top of any ranking of the best male fertility supplements.


Best Male Fertility Supplements – How To Identify Them

We should tell you that the market for all-natural fertility supplements is littered with pretenders. Those products may promise you pie-in-the-sky results but fail to deliver when the moment of truth arrives.

We’d recommend staying away from those supplements. Yet, how’s a guy supposed to identify a good fertility supplement from a less-than-good one?

The good news is there are a few surefire signs you can look for to identify the best male fertility supplements.

These may include:

  • Research-Supported Ingredients—The best male fertility supplements employ research-supported ingredients with scientific backing for helping to improve aspects of fertility.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee—Some form of satisfaction or money-back guarantee should always be attached to an elite health supplement. It’s the best form of consumer protection you’ll find and shows manufacturer confidence.
  • Good User Reviews—Hearing directly from users can provide reliable insight into how effective any health supplement can be. Good user reviews, as you probably know, suggest reliable outcomes.
  • Reliable Manufacturing Practices—Take a look at any health supplement’s manufacturing practices. Generally speaking, a good health supplement, including the best male fertility supplements, is probably made in the USA and adheres to strict manufacturing practices.

If a male fertility supplement can check most, or preferably all, of these boxes, it’s likely to be a high-quality product.

So, how does Fertility Factor 5 stack up?

It’s time to find out.

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Fertility Factor 5 – A Closer Look

Fertility Factor 5 is a member of the VigRX family of male health supplements. VigRX deserves credit for creating several high-quality, all-natural dietary aids designed to promote multiple aspects of a man’s wellness.

That’s already a massive checkmark in favor of Fertility Factor 5. You can rest assured that the research, craftsmanship, and construction performed by the VigRX research team should be second to none.

And going even further, Fertility Factor 5 is manufactured and distributed by Leading Edge Health. This company has been building and selling elite health supplements for almost a quarter century.

That’s another massive positive for Fertility Factor 5. Leading Edge Health has earned a reputation for distributing reliable products and providing excellent customer service. That’s probably why they’ve been thriving in the industry for so many years.

These details are beginning to make a case for why Fertility Factor 5 should be considered among the best male fertility supplements because it supports chances of conceiving. However, we’d like to look at the finer details, the minutiae that propel the potentially massive power of Fertility Factor 5.

Fertility Factor 5 – The Ingredients

Fertility Factor 5 by VigRX is constructed with 5 primary ingredients. It includes 4 natural compounds that may significantly enhance components of male fertility. In contrast, the 5th ingredient is a U.S.-patented 100% natural bioavailability enhancer that could substantially improve your absorption rates of the 4 fertility boosters.

The research behind these compounds is immense, suggesting support for better fertility outcomes with Fertility Factor 5.

Benefits associated with these ingredients could include:

  • Growing Sperm Numbers
  • Enhanced Sperm Motility (Movement)
  • Improved Sperm Morphology (Shape)
  • Greater Semen Volume
  • Boosted Libido

Fertility Factor 5 requires users to take just a single easy-to-swallow capsule per day. And the supplement response time, when you can expect tangible benefits, is approximately 4-6 weeks. However, some men have reported noticeable improvement after just 2 weeks of daily use.

So, what exactly is in Fertility Factor 5?

Let’s check it out.

Tongkat Ali LJ100

A plant that is known by multiple legendary names, Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) grows wildly in the lush green jungles of Southeast Asia. In countries like Thailand and Malaysia, it’s long been used to promote many aspects of male sexual wellness.

It’s believed to enhance libido in men and has been reported to improve fertility as well. In recent years, it’s begun to generate buzz in the health supplement industry.

Tongkat Ali LJ100 is a proprietary extract of the plant’s roots developed by researchers associated with MIT and the Malaysian government. Tongkat Ali’s roots have the highest concentration of beneficial bioactive compounds. And this extract is formulated to amplify that concentration significantly.

As a result, Tongkat Ali LJ100 could support:

  • Boosted Fertility
  • Improved Testosterone Levels
  • Greater Muscle Performance
  • Enhanced Libido

A clinical trial involving 350 participants with fertility issues noted that men supplementing daily with Tongkat Ali experienced improved semen volume, enhanced sperm concentration, greater sperm motility, and better sperm shape.

Panax Ginseng

Sometimes referred to as Korean red ginseng, Panax ginseng is another potent herb with a track record of helping to support optimal health outcomes for men in eastern Asia.

A powerful antioxidant, Panax ginseng is often relied upon to support reduced oxidative stress and inflammation in critical tissues.

Additionally, it may help to:

  • Improve Blood Flow
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiousness
  • Enhance Energy & Reduce Fatigue
  • Boost Reproductive Wellness

A study performed by researchers at an Italian university concluded that men using Panax ginseng supplementation demonstrated an increase in sperm numbers, sperm concentration, and sperm motility.


A mineral crucial to many aspects of health, zinc takes part in hundreds of natural chemical reactions in the human body. It’s also quite literally a building block for your sperm.

Zinc must be consumed dietarily, and unfortunately, nowadays, many men don’t get nearly enough. However, it’s highly concentrated in oysters, some lean meats, legumes, and nuts.

Adequate zinc intake is necessary to support:

  • Healthy Sperm Numbers
  • Quality Sperm Morphology
  • Competent Sperm Motility

A comprehensive clinical review examining 20 studies concluded men with fertility issues had significantly lower zinc levels than men who didn’t, and zinc supplementation could drastically increase semen volume and sperm health.


A mineral highly concentrated in Brazil nuts, some seafood, and eggs, selenium can play a vital role in forming healthy sperm and voluminous semen. It may also support optimal testosterone production, the key to a healthy libido.

Like zinc, men may lack adequate selenium consumption these days. As a result, reproductive wellness can be negatively affected.

Selenium intake helps to promote:

  • Significant Sperm Growth
  • Good Sperm Motility
  • Quality Sperm Shape

A study in Glasgow, Scotland, featuring 69 men with fertility issues showed that those who supplemented with selenium experienced enhanced sperm motility and an increased likelihood of conception.


This U.S.-patented bioavailability enhancer is formulated to boost nutrient absorption in the human body. It may significantly increase the efficiency of the other primary ingredients in Fertility Factor 5.

BioPerine is a proprietary extract derived from dried black pepper. It contains a high concentration of piperine, a compound reported to enhance nutrient availability substantially.

A Canadian study noted that piperine compounds appear to enhance nutrient absorption characteristics in the small intestine.

Top to bottom, Fertility Factor 5 provides a highly dynamic ingredient list with potentially massive benefits for reproductive wellness in men.

The 4 primary fertility-inducing compounds have considerable research support suggesting they can enhance multiple features of a man’s fertility. And the addition of a U.S.-patented bioavailability enhancer in BioPerine indicates the efficiency of Fertility Factor 5 should be superior.

Simply put, this ingredient list alone likely puts Fertility Factor 5 in the conversation with the best male fertility supplements for boosting male reproductive health.

Fertility Factor 5 – User Reviews

While an excellent ingredient list with solid scientific support is great, sometimes, it’s nice to hear “directly from the horse’s mouth,” as they say.

So, we decided to hear exactly what Fertility Factor 5 users said about their experience.

Here are a few user reviews:

  • Ronald P. said, “I had dealt with weakened orgasmic force and low semen volume for years. After using Fertility Factor 5 for about a month, I noticed a huge increase in the strength, power, and size of my climaxes. My partner and I are thrilled with this supplement.”
  • Victor M. said, “The wife and I were trying to get pregnant for about a year and a half with no luck. I was surprised when I learned that I was the one with fertility issues, not her. So, I tried Fertility Factor 5 for the first time about 4 months ago. I’m thrilled to report the wife is currently pregnant.”
  • Jordan C. said, “I was just shooting blanks with no volume after I turned 40. It seriously bummed me out. That’s when I read about Fertility Factor 5. About 5-6 weeks after I started using it, all of a sudden, I started firing massive, thick ropes every time. This stuff is great.”

These reviews represent just a tiny fraction of the overwhelming praise we discovered for Fertility Factor 5. It seems the vast majority of users may believe this supplement has helped them to improve fertility and increase semen volume.

A few guys said the supplement was ineffective. However, most of them commented that they were inconsistent with usage or only used the formula for a short time.

It’s critical to remember that for Fertility Factor 5 to be helpful, it must be taken daily and on a continual basis. Inconsistent usage can severely mitigate benefits. Additionally, once you stop using the supplement, your gains will begin to subside. Also, keep in mind that men who struggle with infertility as the result of a medical condition should consult with a physician about interventions for the underlying cause.

Fertility Factor 5 – Money-Back Guarantee

Fertility Factor 5 comes with an excellent, even elite, money-back guarantee.

It works like this.

It’s a 67-day money-back guarantee that even allows you to open and use the supplement before deciding if you want to return it.

If you don’t experience benefits while using Fertility Factor 5, you can send it back (within 67 days) and receive a full refund of the purchase price.

This money-back guarantee could be the best among all male fertility supplements. It provides terrific reassurance for you, the consumer. And it also shows that the manufacturer has the utmost confidence in the capabilities of its products.

A 67-day money-back guarantee, giving you a “free test drive” of sorts, helps propel Fertility Factor 5 into the realm of the best male fertility supplements.

Fertility Factor 5 Benefits

Fertility Factor 5 – Manufacturing Practices

Fertility Factor 5 by VigRX is manufactured in cGMP facilities in the United States of America.

This is excellent news for anyone hoping that Fertility Factor 5 would be labeled the best overall male fertility supplement.

cGMP stands for certified Good Manufacturing Practices, which indicates the supplement is built in a facility using the highest safety standards as set forth by the American FDA.

On top of that, being built in the USA indicates that Fertility Factor 5 is manufactured using the latest high-tech processes, to yield reliable, consistent product, time and again.

It’s incredibly reassuring to know that Fertility 5 is American-made and uses cGMP protocols in its facilities, yet another indication of quality.

Fertility Factor 5 – Any Negative Side Effects?

It’s worth noting that Fertility Factor 5 uses 100% natural ingredients. The formula consists primarily of plant extracts and minerals. And it comes with no known negative side effects.

So it should be safe for all adult men to use. However, it’s not recommended for anyone under 18 to use Fertility Factor 5.

If you’re considering trying a new health supplement or suffer from severe health issues, it’s always a good idea to consult a physician to discuss your best course of action.

Fertility Factor 5 – Pricing

A single bottle (1-month supply) containing 30 capsules costs $45.47.

You can also buy 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month packages. There may be savings available on these bulk orders when you purchase through the official website.

And the manufacturer offers free shipping within the continental USA. So, if you’re living in the lower 48, there’s no need to worry about excessive shipping costs.

Another positive is, Fertility Factor 5 uses discrete direct-to-your-doorstep delivery methods. Each package arrives in a generic brown box with no markings as to precisely what’s inside. So no one will know but you. Package tracking may also be available.

Fertility Factor 5 – Pros & Cons

If we haven’t been clear enough, we think Fertility Factor 5 is undoubtedly one of, if not the absolute best, male fertility supplements for conception support on the market. There’s plenty to like about this 100% natural supplement, but nothing is perfect. So, we’ll check the pros and cons.


  • All-Natural Formulation
  • Research-Supported Ingredients
  • U.S.-Patented Bioavailability Enhancer
  • Reliable Brand
  • Good User Reviews
  • Made In The USA
  • Manufactured in cGMP Facilities
  • 67-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Known Negative Side Effects


  • Only Available Online
  • Must Be Taken Continuously

Fertility Factor 5, by all available metrics, appears to be an excellent supplement. However, it can only be purchased on the world wide web. And, like every one of the best male fertility supplements, it must be used continuously to see long-term results.

Fertility Factor 5 – Should You Try It?

If you’re interested in using an all-natural dietary supplement to support your fertility and enhance your chances of conception, Fertility Factor 5 is as good an option as any on the market.

So yes, it’s definitely worth trying.

We believe Fertility Factor 5 by VigRX is an elite male fertility supplement that should be able to help most men.

Fertility Factor 5 – Where To Order

More often than not, ordering directly from the manufacturer will yield you the best customer experience. Avoiding third-party vendors is usually the best choice.

Therefore, we’d recommend buying directly from the official Leading Edge Health website.

That’s where you’ll find the lowest prices, best customer service, excellent shipping methods, and the money-back guarantee.

Best Male Fertility Supplements – Concluding Thoughts

Sadly, many men have to deal with fertility issues in their lives.

However, there may be a big, bright light at the end of the tunnel.

With recent advances in nutrition and science, the best male fertility supplements have emerged as potential solutions to longstanding issues.

We’d recommend checking out Fertility Factor 5. Thanks for reading our look at one of the best male fertility supplements.


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