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When it comes to the size of the most precious organ for men, we can all agree bigger is better. Of course, we’re talking about the primary male sexual organ, known by many legendary names but scientifically called the penis. In this article, we’ll give you an in-depth review of ProExtender, a medical-grade penis extender designed to enhance penile dimensions with no reported negative side effects.

Is it actually possible to make your penis larger? How does that work? Can anyone do it?

We’ll answer these vital questions for you as we work through our review of ProExtender. But, the simple answer is yes, it’s possible. Most men could lengthen their “members” using a high-quality penile extender. And the best products may deliver benefits without known negative side effects.

Penile extenders, like the ProExtender, employ a scientifically-supported method of tissue elongation called the traction method. Essentially, the device applies gentle stretching to penile tissue, helping to stimulate cell proliferation and growth over time.

If you’re interested in learning how to potentially add a significant upgrade to your penile measurements, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the work to provide you with deep insights in this review of ProExtender.


ProExtender—The Penis Extender & The Traction Method

What is ProExtenderProExtender is a penis extender built on research-supported findings commonly utilized throughout various medical fields. The traction method, as it’s called, is used by surgeons, physical therapists, and others to lengthen soft tissues naturally.

In recent years, meaningful evidence has emerged supporting the traction method to help lengthen penile tissue.

A study by researchers at the University of Turin in Italy noted that men who wore a penis extender (penile traction device) every day for 6 months averaged a 32% extension in flaccid length and a 36% improvement in erectile scores.[1]

Dr. Paolo Gontero, a urologist and author of the study, said, “The penile extender device produces an effective and durable lengthening of the penis, both in the flaccid and stretched state.”

How The Traction Method Works

The traction method applies light stretching to the cells in the penile tissue. In time, this contributes to triggering the cellular regenerating process called mitosis.

Mitosis is the human body’s means of cellular division that helps generate new cells and promote growth. So, where you once had a single parent cell, you could now have a pair of newly formed daughter cells. This process continues over and over again, resulting in cellular proliferation, aiding in activating the natural lengthening of the penile tissue.

Using a traction method penis extender for penile enhancements should include benefits like:

  • Easy To Use Device For Self-Care
  • Slips On And Off In Seconds
  • Only Needed An Hour A Day
  • Can Be Worn Day Or Night
  • No Recovery Time Necessary
  • No Reported Aches Or Pains
  • No Known Negative Impacts On Sexual Wellness

A penis extender, especially a good one, may help you add significant length, improve erectile performance, and even make your penis more visually appealing.

But how can you tell an excellent penis extender from a less-than-excellent penis extender?

This question may be crucial to your likelihood of success. So, with that in mind, we’re going to break down precisely how ProExtender operates and look at the attributes behind the penile traction device.

By the end of this review of ProExtender, we hope you’ll have a clear picture of whether or not this medical-grade product is suitable for you.

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Review Of ProExtender—A Medical-Grade Penis Extender

The ProExtender device has built a reputation for success, with over 565,000 sold worldwide. Through that remarkable success, ProExtender has provided the blueprint for many penis extender technological advances.

The ProExtender uses surgical-grade steel, allowing for maximum sturdiness while also using a proprietary rubber lining, delivering elite comfort. And it could deliver noticeable results, with no reported negative side effects, in just a few weeks.

However, results should continue to grow with time and daily use. After a few months, you could be sporting a significantly larger penis and reaping all of the sweet rewards that it brings.

Notable attributes of the ProExtender Penis Extender include:

  • Medical-Grade Fabrication
  • Adjustable Surgical-Grade Steel Rods
  • Precise Tension Settings
  • Research-Supported Outcomes
  • Doctor-Supported Results
  • Offers A Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping In The Continental USA
  • Discreet Doorstep Drop Off
  • Reliable Track Record Of Success
  • No Known Negative Side Effects

There is a lot to like about the ProExtender penis extender, as these attributes suggest it’s one of the best penis traction devices on the market.

How To Use The ProExtender Penis Extender

The ProExtender arrives discreetly in generic, brown packaging at your door. From there, you’ll need to assemble the device. The process is simple, as the packaging includes a QR code you can scan to download instructions and a paperback instruction manual.

The assembly process should only take about 10-15 minutes and requires nothing (no tools or accessories) outside of what the manufacturer provides.

Once your penis extender is assembled, you’re ready to go. The instruction manual provides comprehensive details on how to use the device. But we’ll give you a quick step-by-step rundown of what you can expect here.

Step 1—Secure The Penis Extender

You can begin by sliding your penis through the base ring. The base ring will sit securely and comfortably against your pelvic region. And the rubber lining should reduce any chance of rubbing or chafing on the skin.

Now, your glans (head of the penis) should be fastened in place with the silicone fastening strap. Ensure that the strap is positioned where the penis can’t slide out but is not too tight to the point where it’s uncomfortable.

Your penis is now safely positioned inside the device, and you’re ready to begin.

Step 2—Adjust The Tension Settings

With your penis securely in place, you’ll want to use the adjustment screws on either side of the base ring to alter the tension levels. The instructional manual will provide in-depth instructions based on your measurements.

However, you want to adjust the screws to a position where the steel rods place a slight tug or stretch to the penile shaft. You can lock the positioning at your extension point. There should be no pain or discomfort at all.

Again the instructional manual can help you to find the precise tension settings that are best for you. The precision of the ProExtender device is a decisive advantage and should yield uniquely powerful growth outcomes.

Step 3—Continue Using The ProExtender Penis Extender

It’s recommended to use the penis extender every day. However, you’ll only need to use the device for approximately an hour daily to help achieve substantial growth.

The ProExtender can be worn at home or the office, especially if you’re sitting at a desk for multiple hours a day.

Wearing the device underneath a stretchable fabric is preferable for ideal comfort. But, the device itself is flexible enough to accommodate multiple situations, like sitting, standing, walking, and more.

Step 4—Allow Traction To Help Induce Mitosis

Over the first week or so, there may be little to no change in penile length. However, many men should notice lengthening within a few weeks as mitosis and the subsequent extension begin to occur.

It’s critical to use the ProExtender penis extender as recommended. Daily stretching is necessary to induce the lengthening process.

Additionally, you’ll need to allow your penile tissue ample recovery time for cell regeneration to occur. So, wearing the device all day is not a great idea.

Within just a couple of months, considerable, potentially life-altering gains can be achieved, which brings us to the final step.

Step 5—Achieve Permanent Enlargement

The results you attain while using the ProExtender penis extender are permanent. Worrying about recession or the dreaded shrinkage is unnecessary in the long run.

Many ProExtender users can achieve gains in less than 6 months. However, others could want to use the device for 6 months or more. In some rare cases, men may choose to use the device for a year or more.

It all depends on your goals. You can continue to achieve growth as long as you like. When you decide you’ve achieved your desired length, simply stop using the penis extender.

ProExtender Penis Extender—Expected Benefits

As you know, the primary objective of ProExtender’s penis extender is to add length to a user’s penis permanently. That being said, you can expect several added benefits when you use the ProExtender on a daily basis.

ProExtender could help to provide benefits like:

  • Increased Penis Size
  • Straightening Of The Penile Shaft
  • Upgraded Penile Aesthetics
  • Enhanced Erectile Quality
  • Strengthened Erectile Control
  • Boosted Sexual Satisfaction
  • Improved Bedroom Confidence

Reports indicate that the ProExtender device effectively supports all of these outcomes. Many men dealing with potentially embarrassing penis curvature also use the ProExtender penis extender to reduce curvature and enhance the visual appearance of the penis.

As an added benefit, consistent use of the ProExtender may help users to experience improved erectile control and quality. These factors are vital to more robust sexual prowess and greater bedroom confidence.

While an increase in penis length may be the primary benefit associated with this penis extender, our review of ProExtender is happy to report you could also achieve a plethora of other enhancements using the device.

ProExtender Penis Extender—The Money-Back Guarantee

ProExtender offers a generous money-back guarantee when you purchase the penis extender through the official ProExtender website.

It works like this.

You’ll get 6 months to try the ProExtender traction device risk-free. You can assemble it, use it, and decide for yourself if you like it.

If you’re unhappy with the purchase, or it doesn’t help you to achieve your desired lengthening results, you can send it back. You’ll get a refund of the purchase price with no questions asked and no hassles whatsoever.

This 6-month money-back guarantee is a top-notch offer and easily one of the best in the industry. It supplies excellent consumer protection and exhibits a high degree of confidence from the manufacturer.

You’ll only want to purchase penis extenders from companies offering money-back guarantees as a good or elite money-back guarantee is always symbolic of a high-quality product.

ProExtender Penis Extender—Pricing

ProExtender offers 3 separate pricing packages. As you climb the pricing ladder, you’ll get some added products and services in addition to the penis extender.

All ProExtender packages are delivered to your doorstep discreetly, in generic packaging, with no clearly identifiable markings of what’s inside.

The manufacturer takes customer privacy seriously and goes to great lengths to protect it.

All packages include the money-back guarantee.

The Basic Package

The Basic Package includes the penis extender and accessories, like the penis extender carrying case, along with the instructional manual.

This package is available for $179 and includes free shipping in the continental United States of America.

The Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Package includes everything you get in The Basic Package, with some added perks.

In addition to the penis extender (and accessories), it comes with:

  • A Month’s Worth Of VigRX Plus ($69.95 Value)—This all-natural male-enhancement formula is designed to help men achieve larger, longer-lasting erections on command.
  • A Month’s Worth Of Semenax ($59.95 Value)—Another all-natural male-enhancement supplement, Semenax uses 100% natural compounds to help men have more voluminous, robust sexual climaxes for added pleasure.

The Deluxe Package costs $229. This package offers excellent value for men interested in adding some all-natural supplementation to accompany their penis extender. It also ships for free in the continental USA.

The Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package will get you everything you receive in The Deluxe Package (the penis extender, the accessories, VigRX Plus, Semenax), plus more.

The Ultimate Package also provides:

  • The ProExtender Lifetime Membership ($200 Value)—This lifetime membership grants users bonus techniques and added training on effectively enhancing penile length. Additionally, users receive up-to-date information to improve penile and sexual wellness.
  • 1-On-1 Coaching ($200 Value)—This unique feature enables penis extender users to receive 1-on-1 coaching sessions with AJ Alfaro, a renowned Male Enlargement Coach. Mr. Alfaro uses his particular skill set to advise clients on how to maximize gains and enhance well-being.

The Ultimate Package costs $497. This deal represents a substantial jump in pricing. However, if you’d like to receive private coaching to help you maximize your size and enhance sexual wellness, it could offer solid value. And, of course, it comes with free shipping in the continental USA.

ProExtender Penis Extender—Where To Order

We’d advise ordering the ProExtender penis extender through the manufacturer’s official webpage.

That’s where you’ll find:

  • The Best Pricing Packages
  • Regular Pricing Promotions
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • The 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free Shipping In The Continental USA

More often than not, buying directly from the manufacturer, avoiding third-party retailers will get you the best customer experience.

ProExtender Penis Extender—Pros & Cons

In the field of penis extenders and penile traction devices, it’s evident that the ProExtender penis extension system should be considered elite.

But why do we feel that way?

A simple pros and cons list can answer that.


  • Medical-Grade Device
  • Surgical-Grade Steel Extension Rods
  • Precision-Guided Tension Settings
  • Scientific & Research Support For Results
  • Doctor-Supported Outcomes
  • Reliable Sales Record
  • Elite Money-Back Guarantee
  • Free USA Shipping (Lower 48)
  • Discreet Doorstep Shipping
  • No Reported Negative Side Effects
  • Helps Improve Multiple Aspects Of Penile Wellness


  • Only Available Online
  • Can’t Be Worn 24/7

As you see, the pros heavily outweigh the cons for the ProExtender traction device.

We believe this product could help users in many ways. However, it’s only available online and must sometimes be taken off to allow for proper cell regeneration. Additionally, certain types of clothing, such as “skinny jeans” or khakis, may make it difficult to wear the device comfortably.

ProExtender Penis Extender—Should You Use It?

The ProExtender penis extension device is designed to help all men, 18 years of age or older, to lengthen the penile shaft. It uses the traction method, a research-supported practice for lengthening soft tissues. And best of all, it comes with no reported negative side effects.

You only need to wear the device for about an hour a day. And with consistent daily use, it could provide some growth in just 2 weeks, with more substantial gains following in time. After a few months, you may experience mind-blowing gains.

So, should you use it? Is it worth the price? Is it safe?

Our answer is yes.

Suppose you’re a man who’d like to add length, perhaps even reduce curvature, maximize aesthetic appeal, perform better in bed, and optimize pleasure. In that case, the ProExtender penis extender is an excellent option for you.

This highly-reliable penis lengthening device is second to none in terms of quality of craftsmanship. It incorporates medical-grade construction and uses surgical-grade steel rods to provide the most precise penile lengthening in the industry.

Unfortunately, many other penile extension devices use cheap parts to cut costs. This issue is absolutely not a concern with ProExtender.

You can reliably expect to get optimal long-term penile lengthening support with the ProExtender penis extender.

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