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The growing acclaim and commendable consumer testimonials surrounding this cognitive enhancer have piqued our interest and prompted us to present an in-depth analysis of Mind Lab Pro. Our aim is to establish its true value.

The intricacies of the human brain are profound and contain immense power. However, its effectiveness can diminish due to the inevitable process of ageing, certain medical conditions and external as well as psychological pressures. It is in these circumstances that cognitive enhancers, known as nootropics, emerge as key players in enhancing mental agility.

Mind Lab Pro, branded as Universal Nootropic®, stands out as a research-backed supplement designed to help users improve their ability to assimilate information, concentrate and make decisions. In addition, the ingredients in this product may offer improvements in memory retention.

Consumer reviews of Mind Lab Pro vary, shedding light on its cost, ingredients and potential side effects. We invite you to join us in a thorough exploration of this offering to fathom its mechanisms and procurement avenues.


What is Mind Lab Pro?

What is Mind Lab ProNootropic® on the global stage. Its core objective is to enhance cognitive performance by boosting brain vitality, stimulating neurotransmitter synthesis and defending against neuronal deterioration.

Opti-Nutra™ is credited with the creation of this pioneering nootropic and its companion brand, Performance Lab®. The company embraces cutting-edge production techniques, meticulous research and impeccable ingredient selection.

While Performance Lab® presents a spectrum of nutritional enhancements, Mind Lab Pro stands alone as a multifaceted offering within the brand ensemble. It's worth noting that both brands have their roots in the UK.

Before Mind Lab Pro reaches the hands of consumers, it undergoes rigorous third-party validation to maintain its calibre and integrity. The prestigious University of Leeds, based in the UK, led two landmark human clinical trials to ratify the potency of this cognitive enhancer and its ingredients. These scientific evaluations are available online.

In addition to its proven efficacy, Mind Lab Pro is recognised for its exemplary customer support and guaranteed refund policy.

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Are there any Mind Lab Pro experiences or customer reviews?

Mind Lab Pro is widely recognised and appreciated within the nootropic community. However, it's important to understand that customer reviews of Mind Lab Pro are multi-faceted and include assessments of its effectiveness, cost and speed of delivery.

On the manufacturer's official website, you can browse through more than 2200 customer reviews. These reviews offer a panoramic view, underlining the axiom that individual responses to nootropics can vary. Nevertheless, a significant proportion of users report both cognitive and physiological improvements after using the product.

Furthermore, Mind Lab Pro has garnered over 900 reviews on Amazon, with a mix of praise and criticism. In particular, people struggling with ADHD have cited the product's effectiveness in alleviating related symptoms. Other reviews highlight benefits such as improved sleep quality, improved memory retention and a noticeable increase in energy.

However, there are some concerns about the product's price and potential delivery delays. In response to these concerns, the Mind Lab Pro team have introduced tempting bulk purchase offers, coupled with prompt and free shipping arrangements.

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from Mason
on 29 July 2023

Mind Lab Pro was a game changer for my studies. Juggling coursework and research was overwhelming, but I noticed a significant improvement in focus and memory retention after starting the supplement. I was initially put off by the price, but with the bulk purchase offer, it turned out to be a wise investment. There was a slight hiccup with my first delivery, but the customer service was responsive and sorted it out promptly. I now feel more energetic and able to tackle my academic challenges.

Nicht hilfreich
avatar small
William Anderson I was hesitant to try another nootropic after having mixed results with previous products. But Mind Lab Pro caught my attention because of the many positive reviews, especially from ADHD sufferers like myself. I must say it's lived up to the hype. My symptoms have become more manageable and I've even noticed an improvement in my sleep quality. The increase in energy levels has allowed me to be more productive in my business. Despite some negative comments about the price, I consider it a valuable investment in my personal and professional wellbeing.
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avatar small
Jayden Perez At my age, staying sharp is a priority, so I decided to give Mind Lab Pro a try. I was very impressed with the thousands of customer reviews on their official website and Amazon, so I felt confident in giving it a go. Since using Mind Lab Pro, I've felt more energetic and my family have even commented on my improved memory. I was worried about delivery delays, but my order arrived on time and the free shipping was a nice touch. It may seem a bit expensive, but you can't really put a price on mental agility. Highly recommended!
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Who are the capsules for?

Individuals seeking to improve cognitive function may wish to consider the neuro-enhancing properties of Mind Lab Pro. The brain boosting supplement is tailored for the following demographic:

  • Academics
  • Executives and entrepreneurs
  • First responders
  • Those diagnosed with ADHD
  • Senior citizens
  • Professionals with career goals
  • Sports enthusiasts
  • Mind Lab Pro is caffeine free and poses minimal risk to nighttime sleep. Its inclusion of adaptogens exudes a calming effect, potentially helping those with sleep problems.

Clinical studies suggest that Mind Lab Pro enhances data assimilation and concentration during intense tasks, making it a prime candidate among student-focused neuroenhancers.

For executives and entrepreneurs, this nootropic's ability to support decision making and alertness is arguably invaluable.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mind Lab Pro


  • Manufactured in facilities that adhere to cGMP and FDA guidelines, ensuring the highest product standards.
  • Uses patented ingredient formulations, underlining its commitment to unparalleled quality.
  • Tested by third parties to ensure safety and efficacy.
  • Has been clinically tested and proven to improve cognitive function.
  • Contains no caffeine, making it suitable for those who avoid stimulants.
  • Has been certified by the Clean Label Project for purity and safety.
  • Contains bioavailable vitamins specifically designed to support brain health.
  • Vegan-friendly, free of animal-derived ingredients.
  • Formulated without common allergens or harmful additives, ensuring a safer profile for a wide range of users.


  • On the higher end of the price spectrum compared to other nootropics.
  • Recommended dosage may be cumbersome for some, requiring up to 4 capsules daily.
  • Contains high levels of vitamins B6 and B12, which may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Some customers have reported extended delivery times, which may be an inconvenience.

Mind Lab Pro intake and dosage

The standard suggestion for taking Mind Lab Pro nootropics is two capsules. However, the manufacturer advocates a four-capsule regimen to maximise benefits. For adults, it's recommended to take two capsules on an empty stomach in the morning hours to improve cerebral performance. An additional two capsules can be taken around midday to further support cognitive function. It's important to realise that exceeding these dosage guidelines could have undesirable consequences. It is therefore always wise to seek medical advice before making any changes to the dosage.

Mind Lab Pro Effect

Mind Lab Pro EffectMind Lab Pro has attracted attention for offering a range of benefits including cognitive enhancement, vitality and stress reduction. The combination of brain-supporting vitamins, adaptogens and nootropic ingredients is believed to be the driving force behind these effects. Below is a closer look at the acclaimed benefits of Mind Lab Pro:

Optimised information processing

Concentration problems can interfere with decisive action, a phenomenon that can be exacerbated by fatigue, ageing or a variety of stressors. Clinical evaluations show that a month's treatment with Mind Lab Pro can increase focus, extend attention span and speed up reaction times, resulting in faster decision-making.

Mood stabilisation

One of the cornerstone benefits is mood regulation. Celebrated for centuries for its ability to reduce stress, the adaptogenic content of Mind Lab Pro strengthens the body's resilience to stress and anxiety. Key ingredients such as L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea and Vitamin B6 play a key role in mood elevation. In particular, vitamin B6 is recognised for facilitating the production of GABA neurotransmitters, which are instrumental in relaxing the brain during stressful episodes and modulating emotional states.

Increased vitality

Mind Lab Pro is formulated to provide a daily boost of vitality without the ubiquitous stimulant caffeine. This is achieved through the infusion of botanical extracts believed to increase blood and oxygen circulation, benefiting both cerebral and general body function. Anecdotal evidence from users highlights a sustained energy boost, even after long periods of work.

Memory enhancement

Clinical studies have shown that supplementation with Mind Lab Pro can improve memory in adults, including immediate recall, delayed recall and spatial memory. The inclusion of Bacopa monnieri is theorised to be a primary agent in this memory enhancement. Concurrent research suggests that phosphatidylserine (PS) may also play a role, particularly in the formation of short-term and long-term memory structures.

It should be noted that although the above benefits have been extensively researched and articulated, they may vary between users depending on individual factors. Always consult a health professional before incorporating any supplement into your regimen.

When does the effect occur?

The manufacturer suggests a minimum consumption period of 30 days for Mind Lab Pro to manifest its intended cognitive benefits. However, initial effects may be seen as early as 30 minutes after ingestion. In human clinical trials, the cognitive improvements associated with Mind Lab Pro have predominantly been observed after 30 days of consistent supplementation.

It's important to understand that the manifestation and onset of these benefits can vary significantly between individuals, influenced by factors such as general health, genetic predisposition and lifestyle choices. It's important to seek professional medical advice before considering a change in dosage due to a perceived lack of results.

Does Mind Lab Pro work?

Scientific research suggests that Mind Lab Pro, a prominent nootropic, does indeed produce positive results. Clinical studies have shown that a consistent 30-day course of Mind Lab Pro can improve processes such as information assimilation, memory retention and concentration.

However, it's important to note that while these results are promising, researchers emphasise the need for more extensive studies to pinpoint the specific ingredients that drive these health benefits.

Anecdotal evidence from user testimonials on review platforms often point to benefits such as renewed vitality, clarity from brain fog and increased focus. Conversely, a subset of users have reported minimal to no noticeable changes after short-term use.

The varying response rates underscore the fact that Mind Lab Pro, like other nootropics, may have varying effects based on individual factors. Recognising that certain ingredients may require a longer period of time to manifest their full benefits, the manufacturer suggests a minimum supplementation period of 30 days to truly gauge their effectiveness.

Should consumers remain unsatisfied after this period, the company stands behind its product and offers a no questions asked full refund to ensure customer peace of mind.

The Mind Lab Pro ingredients

Mind Lab Pro's formulation is a blend of 11 ingredients, each backed by scientific research, making it a versatile nootropic suitable for a wide range of people. Here we provide a detailed overview of selected ingredients, their respective doses and potential benefits.

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine: N-acetyl L-tyrosine (NALT) is derived from L-tyrosine, which is often touted for its superior bioavailability in the nootropic realm. As an amino acid, it lays the groundwork for dopamine synthesis, potentially enhancing motivation and mood. L-tyrosine's ability to enhance working memory, particularly when faced with demanding tasks under the duress of fatigue or sleep deprivation, has been described in the literature.

Rhodiola rosea: Recognised as a validated adaptogen by the Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products, Rhodiola rosea is hailed for its potential to elevate mood and reduce stress. In addition, Rhodiola rosea may modulate the secretion of stress-related hormones and participate in energy metabolism. Preliminary research suggests its ability to enhance cognitive performance while reducing fatigue.

Citicoline: Citicoline: has a number of benefits in the area of cognitive enhancement. It plays a key role in the creation and repair of nerve cells. Naturally occurring in the brain, its supplementation promotes the production of acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter central to memory and learning processes. In addition, citicoline shows promise in improving attention in people with neurodegenerative conditions or after a cerebrovascular accident (stroke).

Phosphatidylserine: Phosphatidylserine (PS) is an integral brain compound that supports various cognitive operations, not least sustained attention and concentration. In particular, empirical data supports its role in supporting these cognitive abilities in the elderly, especially those who express concerns about memory lapses. In addition, PS plays a prominent role in the metabolic processing of glucose, a key contributor to cerebral vitality. As a component of Mind Lab Pro, PS may offer comfort to those suffering from ADHD by alleviating symptoms associated with distraction and impulsivity.

Lion's Mane Mushroom: Lion's mane, a revered medicinal mushroom, is often included in nootropic formulations. Scientific observations highlight its antioxidant properties and its significant contribution to the synthesis of nerve growth factor (NGF). Animal research suggests that this mushroom may alleviate anxiety, a hypothesis supported by clinical evaluation in menopausal women.

L-theanine: L-theanine, an amino acid found naturally in green tea leaves, has emerged as a remarkable adaptogen for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, existing studies highlight L-theanine's potential to enhance working memory and speed up reaction times, particularly in mature adults. Interestingly, its synergistic use with caffeine appears to enhance alertness and precision during challenging endeavours.

More ingredients: Mind Lab Pro's formula also includes vitamins B6, B9 and B12. Taking this vitamin triumvirate at the same time is believed to enhance cerebral wellness and slow the progression of age-related neural decline. Bacopa monnieri, combined with maritime pine bark extract, is a formidable antioxidant that protects cerebral structures from oxidative stress and stimulates energy synthesis. Bacopa monnieri in particular is thought to increase brain ATP concentrations, while maritime pine bark is thought to promote cerebral blood flow.

What are the possible side effects and risks?

Mind Lab Pro side effect risksThe use of Mind Lab Pro supplements may result in certain side effects, especially if not used as directed. As with various other dietary and nootropic formulations, the company cannot guarantee that there will be no side effects if consumption deviates from the recommended guidelines. Potential side effects may include

  • persistent headache
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances
  • Increased heart rate
  • increased irritability

It's important to note that pregnant or breastfeeding women, people under the age of 18 and those with pre-existing medical conditions should not use nootropics without first consulting a healthcare professional. Importantly, Mind Lab Pro undergoes rigorous third party purity testing and is manufactured in cGMP and FDA compliant facilities. Through these measures, the manufacturer strives to ensure that the product offered to the public minimises any significant adverse reactions. Those on prescribed medication or with health concerns are strongly advised to consult with their physician prior to starting Mind Lab Pro to mitigate any potential ingredient interactions.

Where to buy Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro can be purchased directly from its official website. It's also listed on Amazon, but is currently out of stock. Buying directly from the official website can often result in volume discounts. It's advisable to be cautious and avoid unauthorised sellers who are not endorsed by the manufacturer.

At what price are the capsules offered?

While the price of Mind Lab Pro is considered moderate, some may find the cost of a 20 or 30 day supply to be slightly high. Fortunately, the company offers multi-purchase discounts to provide value to its customers.

  • 1-month supply (60 capsules): $69,00 + $2,30 shipping costs
  • 2-month supply (120 capsules): $138,00 + $2,30 shipping costs
  • 4-month supply (240 capsules): $207,00 & free shipping

The overall affordability of Mind Lab Pro is further enhanced by the free shipping included with each pack. For those opting for a four-month supply, expedited shipping is a further benefit. The supplier also accepts cryptocurrency transactions.

Evaluating the quality, safety and potency of Mind Lab Pro

When looking for a reputable nootropic, it's important to prioritise quality, safety and potency. Mind Lab Pro are champions of transparency and have made a concerted effort to outline these attributes comprehensively on their website.

The following review delves into the facets of Mind Lab Pro's quality, safety and potency, based on meticulous scientific research, independent third party evaluations and strict manufacturing protocols.


Mind Lab Pro aims to set the standard in the nootropic industry by delivering unparalleled quality. By catering to a broad spectrum of consumers and embracing sustainability practices, the brand further solidifies its commitment. Patented, high quality ingredients are encapsulated in NutriCaps® derived from prebiotic pullulan fibres. Importantly, the nootropic is free from unnecessary additives, contaminants and aggressive stimulants such as caffeine.

Safety and security

Safety remains a cornerstone of the Mind Lab Pro ethos. In order to ensure the safety of their product, they rely on rigorous third party testing. Ingredients are carefully curated from respected and trusted suppliers. While the formulation genesis takes place in the UK, the actual product is manufactured in the USA in facilities that adhere to both cGMP and FDA guidelines. Mind Lab Pro goes the extra mile to ensure that the product is free from common allergens such as soy, gluten, nuts and wheat, while also maintaining a non-irradiated and non-GMO profile.


Mind Lab Pro stands out as one of the few nootropics to have undergone human clinical trials to determine its potency. Based on two separate studies, experts concluded that Mind Lab Pro has significant efficacy, improving parameters such as memory, data assimilation, concentration and alertness. The nootropic is formulated with ingredients that have undergone rigorous scientific validation and are known for their cognitive enhancing properties. These ingredients are present at optimal dosages, in line with benchmarks set by the wider nootropic industry.

Comparative Analysis: Mind Lab Pro vs. Other Cognitive Supplements

Mind Lab Pro differs from competing cognitive enhancers in a number of ways:

  • Mind Lab Pro's ingredients are encapsulated in vegan and prebiotic capsules, ensuring compatibility for those who are vegan or have certain allergies. Many alternative cognitive enhancers may not offer such inclusivity.
  • It eliminates the need for supplemental vitamin B by providing the full recommended daily dose, a feature not always found in other brain pills.
  • Most importantly, this supplement acts as a comprehensive nootropic, addressing both neurological wellbeing and cognitive function, a dual approach not found in many products.
  • The efficacy of Mind Lab Pro in improving memory and information processing is supported by two human clinical trials. In contrast, many cognitive enhancers on the market often lack even basic third-party testing.
  • To ensure quality and safety, Mind Lab Pro is subject to third-party assessments and manufactured in facilities that comply with FDA and cGMP standards.
  • Unique in its formulation, Mind Lab Pro can potentially increase energy levels without the use of caffeine, a common stimulant found in many other nootropics.

Frequently asked questions

Can Mind Lab Pro cause anxiety?

At recommended doses, Mind Lab Pro is not known to cause anxiety. In fact, its formula contains natural adaptogens known for their anxiolytic and stress-relieving properties. However, if you experience increased anxiety, it's advisable to discontinue use and consult a medical professional.

Is Mind Lab Pro addictive?

No, Mind Lab Pro is not considered to be addictive. Unlike many other supplements, it doesn't contain caffeine – a common stimulant known for its potential addictiveness. It is also free of any restricted addictive substances.

Has the FDA approved Mind Lab Pro?

While Mind Lab Pro itself hasn't been specifically approved by the FDA, it's worth noting that it's manufactured in facilities that are both FDA compliant and cGMP certified. As with many dietary supplements and nootropics, the FDA does not specifically regulate them, but aspects such as production, testing and dosage recommendations are aimed at ensuring user safety.

Why you should try Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is established as a leading nootropic that increases energy, drive and efficiency. A commendable choice for those seeking improved performance, especially as a nootropic pre-exercise aid. A remarkable supplement that supports concentration and memory retention.

Mind Lab Pro Evaluation

After evaluating Mind Lab Pro, we conclude that it stands out as a premier cognitive and mental health supplement backed by clinical research. The rigorous testing, evidence-based clinical trials and meticulous manufacturing procedures give consumers confidence that they are purchasing a scientifically validated product.

Mind Lab Pro is an ideal choice for those seeking a caffeine-free boost of energy and alertness. It also appeals to a wide audience, including vegans and those with specific allergies, as it contains no animal-derived ingredients or allergenic substances.

However, it's important to reiterate the importance of consulting a health professional before starting any dietary supplement programme.

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