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Freely accessible online contents
High quality articles and research
High traffic websites
High incomes on tailored web campaigns
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E-mail marketing

PAGEPress offers a direct e-mail service over a vast range of topic areas enabling you to target potential new customers according to their professional profile, location, institution or specialized field.

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The PAGEPress newsletter is sent out four times a year to over 30,000 people registered on our database.We bring you up to date with everything that is happening at PAGEPress, our latest journal launch, the corporate press releases, and news concerning events and meeting.

Reprints and Supplements

We can provide you with the most appropriate articles to be used as handouts at symposiums, specialist meetings and conferences.
Our reprint service includes:

  • peer reviewed articles or reviews
  • collections of articles
  • a professional high-quality print on acid-free paper
  • prompt turnaround times
  • professional English copyediting

PAGEPress publishes a wide range of supplements on topics of particular interest.These supplements are published online but are also available in print, on CD or USB stick, and all offer various sponsorship opportunities. In order to ensure that they meet our high editorial standards, all articles are subject to full peer review.

Events and meetings

PAGEPress also offers its services to the organizers of conferences, meetings and other events in the publishing of abstract books, proceedings or full-length articles. Quality conference publications can raise an event’s status in the international community, making its workings more visible while offering a record of the scientific contributions made.

PAGEPress is a specialist team with the experience and expertise necessary to help you find advertising and sponsorship solutions to meet your every need, capturing the attention of new customers in the most speedy and efficient way possible.

Full Media Kit available here