The search conference as a method in planning community health promotion actions

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Eva Magnus *
Margunn Skjei Knudtsen
Guri Wist
Daniel Weiss
Monica Lillefjell
(*) Corresponding Author:
Eva Magnus |


Aims: The aim of this article is to describe and discuss how the search conference can be used as a method for planning health promotion actions in local communities.
Design and methods: The article draws on experiences with using the method for an innovative project in health promotion in three Norwegian municipalities. The method is described both in general and how it was specifically adopted for the project.
Results and conclusions: The search conference as a method was used to develop evidence-based health promotion action plans. With its use of both bottom-up and top-down approaches, this method is a relevant strategy for involving a community in the planning stages of health promotion actions in line with political expectations of participation, ownership, and evidence-based initiatives.

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