Future anxiety in students of communication and Islamic broadcasting program: The correlation with resilience

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One of the anxiety disorders in students is future anxiety. A high level of unemployment becomes the most significant stressor of this anxiety. In 2019, the department of communication became the department with the highest unemployment rate in the world. The students of Communication and Islamic Broadcasting Department feel this phenomenon and find difficulties in finding a job. This condition triggers the students' concerns about the future. In this case, future anxiety can be influenced by one of the protective factors, namely resilience. This study aims to identify the correlation between resilience and future anxiety of the Communication and Islamic Broadcasting Department students.

Design and Methods
: This study was conducted by employing a cross-sectional design and involving students of the Communication and Islamic Broadcasting Department (n = 238) of Universitas Ibn Khaldun, Bogor. This study used the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale 10 questionnaire to measure the resilience and Future Anxiety Scale to measure future anxiety. Meanwhile, the bivariate analysis between resilience and future anxiety was conducted by employing the Pearson product-moment correlation.

Results: This reveals a negative correlation between resilience and future anxiety (-0.379) with a moderate correlation.

: This study recommends several efforts to increase resilience for stress management, possibly guided by nurses. Moreover, higher education institutions can facilitate students by providing counseling and training in time management, enhancing adaptive coping, and developing the alumni association as media of future planning discussion for students.


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