Fear of crime and its relationship to self-reported health and stress among men

  • Gloria Macassa Department of Occupational and Public Health Sciences, University of Gävle, Sweden; Epidemiology Unit-ISPUP, University of Porto, Portugal.
  • Rocio Winersjö | gloria.macassa@hig.se Swedish Board of Health and Social Welfare, Sweden.
  • Katarina Wijk Department of Research, Gävleborg Region, Sweden.
  • Cormac McGrath LIME, Karolinska Institute, Sweden.
  • Nader Ahmadi Department of Social Work and Psychology, University of Gävle, Sweden.
  • Joaquim Soares Department of Public Health, Mid-Sweden University, Sweden.


Background: Fear of crime is a growing social and public health problem globally, including in developed countries such as Sweden. This study investigated the impact of fear of crime on self-reported health and stress among men living in Gävleborg County.
Design and Methods: The study used data collected from 2993 men through a cross sectional survey in the 2014 Health in Equal Terms survey. Descriptive and logistic regression analyses were carried out to study the relationship between fear of crime and self-reported health and stress.
Results: There was a statistically significant association between fear of crime and self-reported poor health and stress among men residing in Gävleborg County. In the bivariate analysis, men who reported fear of crime had odds of 1.98 (CI 1.47- 2.66) and 2.23 (CI 1.45-3.41) respectively. Adjusting for demographic, social and economic variables in the multivariate analysis only reduced the odds ratio for self-reported poor health to 1.52 (CI 1.05-2.21) but not for self-reported stress with odds of 2.22 (1.27-3.86).
Conclusions: Fear of crime among men was statistically significantly associated with self-reported poor health and stress in Gävleborg County. However, the statistically significant relationship remained even after accounting for demographic, social and economic factors, which warrants further research to better understand the role played by other variables.


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Fear of crime, men, self-reported health and stress, Gävleborg County
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Macassa, G., Winersjö, R., Wijk, K., McGrath, C., Ahmadi, N., & Soares, J. (2018). Fear of crime and its relationship to self-reported health and stress among men. Journal of Public Health Research, 6(3). https://doi.org/10.4081/jphr.2017.1010