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Luigi Barberini
University of Cagliari and University Hospital of Cagliari, Italy

Degree in Physics in 1998, PhD in Chemistry in 2007 and Medical Physics Specialization in 2013. Medical Physicist at the University  Hospital of Cagliari AOUCA, Italy, and Coordinator of the Medical Physics Service in AOUCA.  

Coordinator of the Italian Research Unit “Unità di Analisi dei Segnali e delle BioImmagini”, University of Cagliari, Italy (https://people.unica.it/uasb/).

Expert in Medical Physics
Expert for the NIR (Non Ionizing Radiation”)
Expert for Magnetic Resonance Safety
Expert for the Medical LASERs  Safety
Expert for Electromagnetic Fields Safety

My researches are devoted to developing new methods of integration between imaging and innovative biological techniques (Metabolomics) to improve the quality of diagnosis processes. As Coordinator of the medical Physics Service of the AOUCA, my contributions are strictly related to quality safety and cost-effectiveness of healthcare services. From this point of view, my activities are patient-oriented, and I am involved in the specification, selection, acceptance testing, commissioning, quality assurance/control and optimised clinical use of medical devices. Further, my activity regard patient risks evaluation and protection from all associated physical agents (x-rays, electromagnetic fields, laser light, radionuclides activity), including the prevention of unintended or accidental exposures.

Web of Science Researcher ID G-3669-2012
Scopus Author ID 6603032291